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Theology Tuition

One-2-One Online Theology Lessons for all levels and Adults. All major UK and International Exams Boards.

Theology lessons for KS2, KS3, GCSEs and A Levels.

Theology is the science of God and it provides knowledge about the world of Religion and spirituality. Religions have always been a most essential part of the human history and civilisation and it continues to impact us today.


From difficult homeworks to challenging projects, we are here to provide flexible support to students for understanding and gaining knowledge of different religions, their history, ethics and philosophy. 

In our Theology tuition, we follow the school curriculum and offer help with all types of challenges:

  • Gain understanding of the religious traditions, including their social and cultural contexts

  • Become familiar with the religious beliefs in practice

  • Understand related subject areas such as philosophy and history

  • Gain knowledge about its systematic and practical application

Our tutors make Theology simple and fun.

Theology is an inspiring discipline, covering important aspects of the human civilisation. Even today, a vast majority of the human population consider themselves to be religious. From the ability to use adequate terminology to the ability to investigate religious practises, we are here to introduce you step by step to designing by the world of Theology. Start learning at your own pace with online Theology tutors who are here to help for seven days a week.

A Grades Only

Our Theology tutors all achieved at least Grade As, so we aim for our students to achieve the same results. Our goal is not to just help students catch up, but to help them get ahead of their classes. The feedback from parents and students overwhelmingly shows that we are often successful - our students get high grades and excellent test results. But make no mistake - behind every excellent mark are long hours of hard work. For more customer feedback and successful stories, check our Testimonials

Theology Tuition can be the start of a successful career 

Theology is not only an interesting field to widen your world view but could be a good start towards a successful career as a teacher, lecturer, archivist, journalist, civil servant, editor, publisher, social worker, and local and national governor.

Even if you missed important segments of the school course, with us you have a chance to catch up with our intensive Theology tutoring. 

Other related subjects (bonus free lessons)

Theology often comes together with other essential subjects, such as English and History. It is very beneficial for students to take these subjects together as success in one will complement the other and it guarantees much better career prospects. The future profession often depends on the combination of subjects chosen during this stage of the study. 

We encourage our students to take a second subject, which will provide them with complimentary credit. Check below for subjects students often take alongside Theology.

Extra Theology Learning Resources

We encourage you to boost your progress towards better grades with recommended learning supplements. Check our collection of Useful Theology Study Resources, including workbooks, articles, web resources and programmes.

Theology Students Often Take These Subjects Too...

Here's a selection of subjects that complement Theology and guarantee better career prospects:

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