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Government aims to avoid sudden drop in GCSE and A Level grades after sharp rises in 2020 and 2021

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Pupils in England could be put on a “glide path” back to pre-pandemic exam grading over the next two years, as the government prepares to unveil plans to avoid a sudden drop in national A Level and GCSE results awarded from 2022 onwards.

A switch to grading A Levels using the 9-1 numerical system is also under serious consideration, it is understood. That would bring A Levels into line with GCSE grading in England and help to recalibrate the distribution of higher grades towards those awarded before the pandemic. But such a switch is unlikely to be implemented before 2024.

Read the full article here Ofqual plans ‘glide path’ back to pre-Covid exam grading in England | Exams | The Guardian.

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