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All schools and colleges in England to be inspected by Ofsted

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

In an attempt to gauge how well the education system is recovering after the pandemic, Ofsted is going to be inspecting all of England's schools and colleges.

All the more than 24,000 schools and 335 further-education providers will be inspected at least once, including last term's inspections, by summer 2025. The education secretary says this will give parents an "up-to-date picture".

But the head teachers' union said the government had some strange ideas about the priorities for education recovery: "It is not Ofsted inspections that will help children to catch up with lost learning caused by the pandemic but ensuring that schools and colleges have sufficient funding from the government to deliver recovery programmes at the scale required", Association of School and College Leaders general secretary Geoff Barton said.

"I am pleased that we will now be able to reach all schools, colleges and apprenticeship providers by summer 2025," chief inspector Amanda Spielman said. Schools and colleges had worked tirelessly at a time when education had been seriously disrupted, she said.

But she added: "Children only get one chance at school. Everyone working in education must do everything they can to give this generation the best possible chance to fulfil its potential. Ofsted will play its part - by giving parents and learners up-to-date information and by helping schools and colleges shape their plans."

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