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The challenge of writing a Personal Statement 

Most people find writing a personal statement really challenging and often come to results that are in the best case scenario average, and rarely impressive. Yes, personal statements are a difficult task, as many of us struggle to put into words our own experience, emotions, and desires, even when we are usually well outspoken. 

But personal statements are not just a small nuisance we could ignore, as it can make a huge difference to how we will be perceived and gives us the opportunity to outshine the competition. Don’t miss that chance! 

This is where a trained professional can really help in making a strong, meaningful text with words that flow beautifully. The people behind the service we offer are already highly successful in their own fields and know from experience what will work. 

How it works

You can place an order for Personal Statement help using the contact form on this page. Very soon we will be in contact with you for some more information like: 
-    what the purpose of the Personal Statement is
-    whether it is for a specific course or job (what and where) 
-    whether there are some criteria for the length and content 

It will be highly beneficial to have your CV and a subsequent phone discussion to get to know you. We need to understand your personality, motivation, why you are interested in this particular subject/position and what your inspirations and goals are. 

Time to work 

Once we agree that we have enough information, it is our time to work. Usually, we start with a few versions, go through inner discussion and then end with one that is agreed to be the best. This one is presented to you for feedback, additions, adjustments and recommendations. The editing work will continue until everyone is delighted by the personal statement and we all feel confident in its success. 

Always best results

We don't compromise on the quality of our work...

Extra Personal Statement Learning Resources

We encourage you to boost your progress towards better grades with recommended learning supplements. Check our collection of Useful Personal Statement Resources, including articles, web resources and programmes.

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Writing Your Personal Statement 

Supporting your application for University, Courses and Jobs

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