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One-2-One Online Oxbridge Tutors for Oxford and Cambridge Admission

The Oxford and Cambridge admission process aims to select the best of all excellent candidates who want to join these famous academic institutions. It is a highly competitive process and success requires rigid practice and adequate guidance. Both institutes are looking for skills and motivation beyond the usual academic requirement. Every discipline has its specifics, but the overall criteria are the candidate’s ability to: 

  • Study independently and persist in the search for improvement 

  • Embrace new ideas, challenge new ideas and create new ideas

  • Explore, analyse and research

On average, six candidates are competing for one place in Oxford and Cambridge, which makes preparation so essential.

Tuition on the Oxbridge testing process

Preparation for Oxbridge tests includes the students getting accustomed to the test format, parts, timings, and requirements. Our Tutors will help you build realistic expectations and be prepared mentally and physically for the challenge. A vital element of the Oxbridge tuition is creating a routine via mock exams and solving problems similar to ones found in the Oxbridge test. This shows our students what to expect and allows them to approach every part of the exam promptly.

Oxbridge mock Interviews tuition

Interviews are probably the most crucial part of the process. During the interview, Oxbridge tutors observe candidates’ reactions and the way they process the information, assessing their knowledge and skills.
Our Oxbridge tutors will follow the format and key elements of the process and provide individual mock interviews that put the student in an environment close to the real thing. The goal is to build your confidence and improve your interview skills. After every lesson, feedback and recommendations will be provided.

One-2-One Consultations with successful Oxbridge students

Our Oxbridge tutors are successful Oxbridge students themselves, so we aim for our customers to achieve the same results. Our goal is not just to help students catch up but to lead them ahead of the task and be confident and prepared for both the test and the interview.

The feedback from parents and student shows that we are often successful - our students get excellent test results. But make no mistake - behind every excellent mark are long hours of hard work. For more customer feedback and successful stories, check our Testimonials.

Other related subjects

Our Oxbridge students often use our Paperwork & Personal statement service, as each complements and guarantees a much better overall result. We also can offer:

  • Personal consultations for Oxbridge admission 

  • Q & A lessons for Oxbridge admission

We encourage our students to take a second subject, which will provide them with complimentary credit.

Extra Oxbridge Learning Resources

We encourage you to boost your progress towards better grades with recommended learning supplements. Check our collection of Useful Oxbridge Resources, including articles, web resources and programmes.

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Oxbridge Admisson Tuition 

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