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How it Works

No contract, no commitments.

Our online one-to-one tuition pricing is simple, and you will pay only for the lessons you have as you go. No additional fees and no obligations. We teach only online as it is flexible, accessible, and cost-effective method of tuition.

Every tutor has individual rates based on the subject and expertise, but our 15 to 20-minute consultations are always free. We use this opportunity to get to know our students and asses their level to prepare an individual learning action plan comparable with the school curriculum of this stage. Meet our Team and register for your free consultation.

Great tuition at a great price

Chosen for their knowledge and ability to engage and teach, our tutors set their own prices based on their experience, but we always keep the rates affordable in the range. See more details about our Tutors.

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How Online Tuition works

  • Find your Subject and Tutor and Register for your free 15 to 20-minute consultation.  If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact us at +44 (0) 78 8887 2428 or

  • If you have a booking to attend a lesson/consultation, please either login to your student/parent/guardian account we've sent the "set password" email for to view upcoming lessons and joining links. You can also join through the link included in reminder emails which are sent out to parents/guardians and/or students 1 hour and 24 hours before lessons are scheduled to start.

  • After the lesson/consultation expect to receive a Summary of your lesson with reflection of your progress, highlights from the last material and plans for the next lesson.

  • To book another lesson (if you have not agreed on repeating time), message your tutor to arrange for your preferred time.

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